How To Install GCC Without XCode in Mac OS X


We have been looking for a proper way to install GCC without XCode for a long time. We found many ways that don’t work actually. We keep testing every possible way and found one alternative that not only easy to implement but also easier to understand, even a novice can do the tweak just by following the steps carefully. To install GCC, installing the whole package of XCode is similar to arrange a cannon to kill a mosquito. The tweak is got from the Apple’s website! Yes, that’s true that many developers still prefer XCode but for a way out with similar features and that doesn’t give pressure to the system the command line tools are better.

Using a developer account in Apple, you can access it at free of cost and download the package whenever you wish as it takes less space and time while connected to a decent data connectivity.

Installing GCC without XCode is a little bit tough task but we can do this thing quite efficiently if we apply some tweaks. These are not as tough as rocket science.

My friends, you may look for avoiding a large download so that you can start the GCC with a minimum download and within minimum startup time. The first tweak is to get the XCode from the installation disc that comes with Mac instead of downloading that from a scratch! It may save your time but not the hurdles that come while trying to install GCC without XCode. Yes, that’s a challenge!

install gcc without xcode mac os x

We are the developers have been asking for a way to get the GCC installed without the help of XCode. What we mean is very simple, we want a simple way to compile all the things including command line programs from the package manager i.e MacPorts and Homebrew and moreover all the language modules like Python eggs and Ruby Gems etc.

First, We need to have a free developer account so that we can download the Mac OS X 10.7.3 or higher version. To use the package installer we need that. This is why we had to get the Mac OS X!

Installation of this requires much less space on your hard disc and can significantly save your data bandwidth because the size of the installer file is tiny. Ultimately it results in a great saving in terms of time and money both.

Many fellow developers have uninstalled XCode because of the complexities around it. You can simply shed it off. Get this package instead of XCode because it needs only for advanced familiar Unix compiler toolkit uses. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense to have it installed on Mac while it eats up more space and time when using.

Things to remember

For your information let me tell you that Mac OS X itself a very terrible system package. Some of you may know this thing already. If in case the installation script doesn’t superimpose the existing files, the script related to uninstallation completely overlooks the files whether the files have been overwritten or not. That is really too bad!

Let us know what’s your experience without XCode! I hope all of you have quenched your thirst with this process to install GCC without XCode on Mac OS X. Stay tuned.

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