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Hey, Friend, Are you looking for Xcode Developer Tools Command Line Tools? The OS X is completely based on a UNIX program. It not only lets you access and do the things you want but also get the benefits a user gets from UNIX.

If you a developer then it’s utmost important for you. Even if you take it aside the command line tools let you extract all the benefits that a normal user gets. Let me tell you another point- if you have installed XCode then the command line tools also have been installed automatically.

But there is a downside of it. If you want to go with the command line developers tool then there is no point to install XCode because it eats up more than 4 GB space.  Here, we will get the guide for the latest OS X. If you are running a Mac then start using Command line tools and GCC without XCode!

Installing Xcode Developer Tools Command Line  in Mac OS X

  1. Let’s start from the scratch. Log into your Apple developer’s account and search for “command line tools” there. Once it has been found, get it downloaded immediately. You don’t have to wait long because the file size is tiny. Once it’s completed. Mount the.DMG file and run the installer with a simple click!
  2. Through spotlight search (you can find it in the utility folder in the application. You can find it on your launchpad either. Once the terminal has been activated type the below-mentioned key- “xcode-select –install”

Xcode Developer Tools Command Line

3. Now a popup includes the software update comes on the screen. the popup looks like the following string-

“The xcode-select command requires the command line developer tools. Would you like to install the tools now?”

Click on the “Install” button to go on and then “Agree” on the terms and conditions of the license agreement.


4. Now, wait for a while until the process is finished. Don’t be panicked. It may take several minutes. Once it’s done by itself, click on the “DONE” button to finish and put a full stop on the process.


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# Updates for uninstalling: If somehow on any point in time you feel like uninstalling the software then here is some information about it.

the process of uninstallation is very simple. A few steps can lead you to the commands to uninstall the program. Just head the cursor to the /Library/Developer/ path. If you can’t find it, remember one thing, it’s the root library. Find the CommandLineTools and simply delete that.

A pop up asking the password will come up and just type it and you are done!

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For your information: All the command line developer tools are installed into a specific path. You can find it here-  /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/. We can do it through another way- go to this string, Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/ and you will see a complete list of installed tools.

Stay tuned and let us know how’s your experience on it.

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