How To Uninstall Xcode From Mac (A Step By Step Guide)


Uninstall Xcode this is the complete guide to uninstall Xcode Before that let me give a breif inro Xcode is Apple’s developer suite for iOS and Mac OS X, it’s fundamental on the off chance that you expect to be compose applications for either OS and introducing it incorporates various other valuable utilities other than the principle IDE itself. The extra perspectives incorporate things like the Interface Builder, iPhone Simulator, Quartz Composer, Dashcode, gcc, dtrace, perl, python, ruby, and a great deal increasingly that has use past center iOS and OS X advancement, adding profitable utilities to tweakers and executives toolboxs.

Introducing Xcode is simply a question of downloading it from the Mac App Store, however imagine a scenario in which you need to remove Xcode.

Step by step instructions to erase Xcode relies on upon what adaptation you are attempting to expel from the Mac. We’ll cover evacuating more current forms of Xcode to begin with, then cover erasing the more established renditions of the application too.

Uninstall Xcode 9, Xcode 8, etc from Mac OS X

To uninstall more up to date forms of Xcode is much similar to erasing whatever other application from the Mac:

1.Explore to the/Applications/envelope and find “Xcode” application

2.Drag “XCode” to the Trash and purge the waste as common by right-tapping on the Trash symbol and picking ‘Discharge Trash’

uninstall xcode mac os x

Next you’ll likely need to erase the client Developer devices organizer, found at the accompanying area – take note of this incorporates client engineer information, so don’t do this on the off chance that you have ventures and other information in Xcode that you haven’t moved down somewhere else or you generally think about:’

The registry is ~/Library/Developer/, the client organizer ought to contain “Xcode” and “CoreSimulator” folders:

1.Open the client home directory and go to Library

2.Visit the “Developer” organizer and erase it

Destroying those organizers alongside the application ought to reestablish around 11GB of plate space from the Mac and OS X will no longer have Xcode. On the off chance that you’ve introduced charge line instruments independently, they ought not be affected by erasing xcode itself.

Our perusers brought up that Xcode 4.3 improves this procedure extensively by packaging Xcode into a solitary application. In this manner, this guide is most important to more established forms. XCode 4.3 and later forms ought to have the capacity to uninstall like some other Mac application, while more established adaptations of XCode require the manual procedure sketched out underneath.

Completely Uninstall Xcode from Mac OS X

Take note of that uninstalling Xcode is distinctive for prior arrivals of the application. The bearings beneath are still substantial for every single prior adaptation of Xcode, be that as it may, and you’ll discover doing as such is not the same as uninstalling general Mac applications or notwithstanding jettisoning the default applications in light of the fact that Xcode has a much bigger impression, so to uninstall Xcode you’ll have to wander into the command line.

This will remove everything relating to Xcode from a Mac:

  • Launch the Terminal, found in /Applications/Utilities/ and type the following:

                     sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=all

  • Confirm the admin password (required for sudo) and let the scripts run

Don’t Forget to Delete the Install Xcode Application

If you uninstall Xcode, the first Install Xcode application is most likely as yet sitting in your/Applications/organizer as downloaded from the Mac App Store, keep in mind to erase this too else you are squandering 1.8GB of plate space.

Why Uninstall Xcode?

On the off chance that you don’t utilize Xcode or it’s going with utilities it’s a smart thought to uninstall the suite. Why? The least difficult reason is on account of Xcode takes up a considerable measure of circle space, for the most part at least 7GB of plate space is devoured by the establishment, and the installer application alone is another 1.8GB, that is a great deal of capacity limit taken up by something that is conceivably getting no utilization.


Since we’ve secured the fundamental procedure of uninstalling everything to do with Xcode and why a few people would profit by doing as such, we’ll plunge into some more particular data and some other uninstall choices that could be helpful to a few clients.

To start with, the above uninstall command with – mode=all entirely runs three separate scripts making the uninstallation procedure less demanding, for the individuals who are interested those different scripts are:


These don’t should be run freely, in spite of the fact that you could did as such in the event that you needed to, additional on that below.

On the off chance that you need to specifically uninstall parts of Xcode as opposed to everything, utilize the charges underneath. These are redundant on the off chance that you run the above –mode=all command.

Uninstall Xcode’s Unix Development Toolkit

If you just need to remove the command line side of things, you can do that with this command:

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=unixdev

This is really connected to the previously mentioned “/Library/Developer/Shared/uninstall-devtools” script. By and by, I think the unix toolbox is a standout amongst the most helpful parts of introducing Xcode so I’m not certain why you’d need to do this, but rather it’s pleasant to know you can.

Uninstall the Xcode Developer Folder and Contents Only

This will keep different parts of Xcode in place however will evacuate everything inside the/Developer directory

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=xcodedir

This order is fundamentally an alternate way to the beforehand specified “/Developer/Library/uninstall-engineer envelope” script. On the off chance that you need to discard the/Developer index, run this order instead of physically erasing it through the Finder.

Uninstall Xcode System Support

Specifically uninstall Xcode’s system support only (not prescribed):

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=systemsupport

This command just runs the accompanying scripts: “/Library/Developer/Shared/uninstall-devtools” and “/Library/Developer/4.1/uninstall-devtools”

Final Words: This is the way to Uninstall Xcode Completely. I’m hoping this will help you to uninstall Xcode.

This is the way to Uninstall Xcode Completely. I’m hoping this will help you to uninstall Xcode.


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