How To Uninstall Xcode From Mac (A Step By Step Guide)


XCode is a stupendous app building software for Apple ecosystem. Installing this software is very easy. Anyone having Mac can download the files directly from the official website of Apple and by following the guides come with this a novice can install the software singlehandedly.

But the reverse case is a little bit difficult. Uninstalling the XCode from Mac requires some sort of knowledge. Actually, in a line, you have to follow a string to uninstall this software from your Mac.

Let me tell you, there is no science and it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. If you have not used this earlier then follow the rules mentioned below and start chasing the process and it won’t last more than 5 mins. If you have used the same on Windows then a precaution is here- don’t compare the Mac system with Windows. In Windows, you can easily uninstall anything by clicking on a key.

Uninatalling the XCode- Why?

The million dollar question comes here. Why do you need to uninstall XCode from Mac? The answer is very simple. To maintain the space in the Mac as it eats up more than 7 GB space along with 2-3 GB more while running.

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Uninstall XCode- Not an easy process

It doesn’t matter which version you are using- XCode 8 or 9, you can remove it easily from your Mac OS X by following the points briefed here with patience.

#1 Find XCode: The process starts here, you need to search the XCode from this string- /Applications/envelope.

#2 Send the file to the trash: Click on the file and send it to the trash. You can drag that directly. Right click and click on the command of “empty trash”.

It makes the data od XCodes deleted fully from your system.

Always remember: If you have any project on developers’ file, then don’t make the mistake of deleting user Developer tools folder in any way. Otherwise, you will lose everything. You can have a backup before uninstalling the components come with XCode so that you can start the project anytime whenever you want in future.

You need to follow the directory to carry out the process further-


once you find this path, go to the folder mentioned and you will find a folder named “Xcode” and “CoreSimulator”. Sometimes these aren’t got directly on the mentioned directory. You may have to open all the folders to get these folders. Once you are done with this one. then it’s time to move into the next point- find the user home directory and there will find the library where you will see the folder named “Developer” and you get it then just select and DELETE it!

If you have installed Xcode 4.3 or higher version then this easy process that has been mentioned above will work seamlessly but if you have an older version installed then we need to follow a manual way to figure out the process of deleting XCode from Mac.

Uninstall Xcode’s Unix Development Toolkit

Sometimes deleting the components left by an uninstalled software is required so that if in case we install the program again in future that can run smoothly. With the below-mentioned command, you can remove the command line side of things in a minute. If you only want to remove the command line side of things, you can do that with this command:

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=unixdev

We already have mentioned a script named “/Library/Developer/Shared/uninstall-devtools”. If you wish to delete this thing also, that’s why we are mentioning the process here otherwise you may keep that as whereas it is because it helps to maintain the structure of the XCode when being installed. So if you are uninstalling XCode from Mac temporarily then don’t delete this UNIX toolkit along with it because it will take minimum time to reinstall the XCode.

But for your info, the process is here-

Uninstall the Xcode Developer Folder and Contents Only

If you want to uninstall the XCode in a customized way then follow the string to uninstall the developer folder and contents.

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools --mode=xcodedir

For your information: the abovementioned command is technically a simple shortcut of the string mentioned above- “/Developer/Library/uninstall-developer-folder”. If you don’t want to delete the files and folder by searching manually from folders to folders then simply run this command and you are done!

Let us know your experience by following the process mentioned here for uninstalling XCode from Mac. Stay tuned and stay updated.

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