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Xcode is integrated development environment for the MAC OS, iOS, Watch OS, TV OS, etc. like the android studio or eclipse. Xcode is published and supported by Apple and it is a set of software development tools to develop an application for all the apple products.

Apple has worked hard and gave the best software to the users, especially the developers to develop new apps, games, etc. for the apple users and by regular updates they have made it easier for the companies to build an iOS application for their products.

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Xcode was first released in 2003 and it is free to download for all the registered app developers and the latest version of the Xcode is Xcode 9 in which Apple has introduced a lot of new features like drag and drop buttons, options, menu and much more. In this post, I will discuss some of the new features which are incredibly awesome that Apple has introduced in Xcode 9.

New features in Xcode 9:

Xcode 9 is the only version of Xcode which has included software development kits for iOS 11 and MAC OS 10.13 and also for TV OS 11 and watch OS 4.

The stimulator of this new version is so advanced that you can run it in different Xcode versions at the same time and check whether all the versions are working fine.

Xcode 9 has so many advanced features that you will need a good processor and RAM capacity to compile some advanced functions. You will need MAC OS 10.12.4 or later to install Xcode 9.

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Another great thing about the Xcode 9, which every developer is very fond of is that new source code editor and its colorful differentiation of different functions, syntax, etc. Also, there are hundreds of new things about this source editor to learn about.

Xcode 9 has included some new auto-correction of coding in the editor which can add missing protocols, extract local variables, and a lot more features which makes you feel like a boss!

Another great feature of the new version of Xcode is that you can drag and transfer files, SDKs, functions between different projects easily, this feature is a gem to a lot of developers.

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The Xcode 9 has been developed with the GitHub API so there is no need for extractions and uploading of your source code, you can directly upload it to GitHub from the software itself.

You can run the stimulator wirelessly to Apple TV, watch, etc. and debug your program. This will increase stability over the device and make the application device independent.

The compiler and the indexing engine is a bit faster when compared to the older versions of the software which is because of some software development and improvement.

Finally, to conclude, the developers from Apple have optimized the software so well that you will have everything at one place and you can develop an application for any apple product from this one software, it is a huge hit among the developers!

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